Petting Zoo Party

Add Some Life To Your Party

Our petting zoo’s party services are full of many possibilities — from farm animals, woodland critters, fantasy creatures, and more — you can choose from our livestock and pocket pets to create the perfect mix for your theme. Depending on your needs, we have set-up options for outside or indoor and combinations of different kinds of spaces. We’re here to help you create an amazing animal experience for your guests.

Mobile Petting Zoo for your party


8 Animal Package
$ 270 1st hour
then $55/per 30 min
  • 6 Pocket Animals
  • 2 Small Animals
  • Indoor only


6 Animal Package
$ 270 1st hour
then $55/per 30 min
  • 5 Small Animals
  • 1 Medium Animal
  • May be indoor (fee)


9 Animal Package
$ 320 1st hour
then $65/per 30 min
  • 6 Small Animals
  • 3 Medium Animals


12 Animal Package
$ 370 1st hour
then $75/per 30 min
  • 7 Small Animals
  • 4 Medium Animals
  • 1 Large Animal


15 Animal Package
$ 420 1st hour
then $85/per 30 min
  • 8 Small Animals
  • 5 Medium Animals
  • 2 Large Animals

Pocket Animals: Bunny, Bearded Dragon, Chinchilla, Degu, Ferret, Fowler’s Toad, Guinea Pig, Hedgehog, Leopard Gecko, Sugar Glider, Tortoise, Turtle | Small Animals: Bunny, Silkie Chicken, Duck, Tortoise, TurtleMedium Animals: Dwarf Goat, Nubian Goat, Pig, SheepLarge Animals: Llama, Mini-Cow, Mini-Donkey, Pony, Unicorn

All mobile service have a Travel Surcharge. This is a fee of $1 per mile one-way from Lil Bitty Rancho to the location up to 85 for our standard service area. We may book up to 125 miles during non-busy seasons at $2 per extra mile.

Add-on Services

Pony Rides

+$125/hr | add an animal for hand-led rides

Gift Giver

+$45/pkg | add delivery of a themed gift set

Basket Buddy

+$100/hr | add basket carrying animal

Lil Shoot

+$45 | 15 min mini photo session with animals

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