Closed Monday, March 8th

Our offices are currently closed. We need time to recover from both the pandemic and now the winter storm. This means we are not taking any bookings at this time.

Please visit us again on March 8th when our bookings will be open.

Character Animal

Entertain & Delight them

Entertaining and engaging animals for petting, greeting, selfies, guest interactions stationed or walking-about with a dedicated handler.

Character Animal for your festivities

Large Animals

Pony, Unicorn, Donkey, Llama, Cow
$ 150 plus service type time
  • 1 Large Animal
  • 1 Experienced handler

Service Types

Greet & Meet


Basket Buddy

+$125/hr | add baskets

Cooler Caddy

+$150/hr | add beverage coolers

Photo Booth

+$175/hr | add photo booth

Add-on Petting Zoo

Small Petting Zoo

+ 9 Animals in Corral
$ 200 per hour
  • 6 Small Animals
  • 3 Medium Animals

Medium Petting Zoo

+ 12 Animals in Corral
$ 250 per hour
  • 7 Small Animals
  • 4 Medium Animals
  • 1 Large Animal

Small Animals (Farm): Bunny, Chicken, Duck, Tortoise, Turkey, Turtle Medium Animals: Dwarf Goat, Nubian Goat, Pig, SheepLarge Animals: Llama, Mini-Cow, Mini-Donkey, Pony, Unicorn

All mobile service have a Travel Surcharge. This is a fee of $1 per mile one-way from Lil Bitty Rancho to the location up to 85 and $2 per mile for any mile after that up to 125.

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