Closed Monday, March 8th

Our offices are currently closed. We need time to recover from both the pandemic and now the winter storm. This means we are not taking any bookings at this time.

Please visit us again on March 8th when our bookings will be open.

Animal Model

Add Some Extra Life to Your Images

Photographers, create inspired photos with your camera & our creatures — hire our trained animals as models for your sessions.​​

Animal Models for your Photo Shoots

Mega Stars

Pony, Unicorn, Donkey, Llama, Cow
$ 300 per hour
  • 1 Large Trained Animal
  • 1 Animal Trainer

Super Star

Pig, Goat, Sheep
$ 250 per hour
  • 1-2 Medium Friendly Animal
  • 1 Animal Handler

Pocket Star

Small Farm Animals or Pocket Pets
$ 200 per hour
  • 2-3 Small/Pocket Animals
  • 1 Animal Handler
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