Our Story

It all started with two ponies, a mini horse & a shetland pony, that a Nana brought home for her grandkids. Of course, she had to share them with the rest of her family and friends. Eventually, there were requests for them to attend parties. We all loved seeing the ponies and people enjoying each other’s company, which led us to a shared epiphany — this could be our family’s business.

Thirteen years and over 200 animals later, we are still amazed and inspired by these beautiful creatures. Owning a petting zoo is incredible! It’s the most challenging and the best thing we’ve ever done. We can’t imagine anything more rewarding than sharing the love of our critters with others.

We believe that animals bring peace and joy to those who interact with or watch them. They give a sense of well-being and comfort that ease stress. Plus, their playfulness and entertaining nature affect our mood for the better. We want to share that experience with others.

What we do is motivated by and designed around our animals — their personalities, beauty, talents — along with our own. We are three generations strong working together to reimagine the business of owning a petting zoo as a lifestyle we can share with others.

about shetland pony and mini horse - About
Foxyboy & Olrio with Dianne "Nana" Condarco

Why Choose Us?


We create a positive, safe environment for people and our animals.


People of all ages and backgrounds will benefit and enjoy time with our animals.


We design services around the nature of our animals to fit your specific needs.

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